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Relax and unwind with this beautiful Aromatherapy Necklace by Belly Baby Mom...

A unique necklace & pendant, made out of 100% stainless steel, designed for the expectant, new & veteran mom.

This Aromatherapy necklace also serves as the perfect gift for an expectant friend... to celebrate her journey into BECOMING MOM.

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Embrace Motherhood ....

There's no denying, we all need a little breather when it comes to mothering! 

This Aromatherapy (essential oil diffuser) necklace is a portable jewelry item that disperses the beneficial scents of essential oils into the air you breathe, in order to support your desire to feel good all day long.


Made of 100% stainless steel, this necklace is safe to wear, even on sensitive skin and around babies.


The necklace comes together with a carved pendant, a silver chain and 5 felts that you can customize with the essential oil scents of your choice.


Made for pregnant moms, new & experienced moms, enjoy the pleasures of some peace and relaxation when you need it most. This necklace also makes for the perfect 'baby shower' gift for your soon-to-be mommy friend!


I hope you enjoy using your Aromatherapy Necklace!

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Benefits of an Aromatherapy Necklace

Aromatherapy oils help you to control your mood and feelings. with a diffuser necklace you can do this virtually everywhere.


Aromatherapy necklaces help you smell great without having to deal with toxic chemicals


Aromatherapy necklaces help you regulate the stress levels in your life better


Can help calm a fussy baby and help them sleep (Lavender & Lemongrass are good options).

It is recommended to move your pendant to the back of your neck so that the aroma is not too intense for your baby.

Made of 100% stainless steel so is safe to be worn even on sensitive skin

A unique gift to yourself or to a soon-to-be-mom friend!


100% stainless steel necklace comes in 2 sizes (refer to image on the left)

Standard purchase includes a necklace, pendant, 5 colored felts and a pouch. 

Additionally, you can include either a Lemongrass or Lavender pure essential oil to your order

How to use your Aromatherapy Necklace

The pendant opens and closes to allow you to swap out the felt pads. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the pad & put it back into your pendant. It is recommended that you use a different essential oil for each felt to avoid mixing of scents


If you are breastfeeding and do not prefer to have the scent directly near your baby, you can choose to wear your necklace only at bedtime to help you sleep better. Alternatively, swing the pendant to the back of your neck to reduce the strength of scent around your baby. Some mothers choose to put only 1 drop of essential oil and wear the necklace at all times.

Always make sure you purchase 100% pure essential oil for yours and baby''s safety. 

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