Breatfeeding Support

Breastfeeding Consultations & support

I know that breastfeeding can be challenging, especially in the early days and weeks at home with your new baby. The good news is that nearly all breastfeeding challenges have solutions with the right help, support and guidance. 

Or perhaps you feel like breastfeeding is going well, but you have questions about a few things and would like the reassurance that breastfeeding is working for you and your baby. 

I am committed to bringing you kind and caring support as well as accurate and up-to-date breastfeeding information through my consultations (home visits or via Zoom) and 1-1 workshops, as a Breastfeeding Counsellor. 

Get in touch with me to know more sessions and pricing.

Prenatal sessions

(Antenatal & Breastfeeding)

In our hectic, busy life styles especially when pregnant, we find that some families have a hard time making time for child birth education in their lives. Whilst it's great to attend group classes and meet other expectant couples, some couples may feel they have to conform to class schedules and the class structure isn't specific to their needs. 

With my private 1-1 prenatal sessions, I would come to your home, in your environment, so that you don't have to travel. I also schedule the classes at your convenient days and times, and that makes your life easier.

Prenatal sessions are customized to your individual needs and can cover a wide range of antenatal topics, be specific to what you'd like to learn or be focused on breastfeeding. A pre-consultation will be arranged with you to discuss with you your requirement for the session/s and what you would like to include.


You can book as little as x1 (1.5hr) session or as many as you like.