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What is Hypnobirthing?

Feeling confident and prepared for your big day, is the key to achieving a positive and satisfying birth experience and the practice of 'Hypnobirthing' will show you how to do that.

When we use the word 'Hypnosis' here, what we really mean is 'a deep state of relaxation' (don't let the word

freak you out!)

The 'Wise Hippo Birthing programme' uses guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness that is often called a 'trance like state'. Your attention will become so focused while in this deeply relaxed state that anything going on around you is temporarily blocked out or taken in, and accepted confidentally as part of your birthing experience.

Now imagine that happening as you are birthing your baby? Imagine being able to filter out people, lights, noise and really focus on what matters most... your body and your baby. The mind is a very powerful tool indeed! I have used it personally with my 3rd birth experience, and it is due to my experience, that let me to train and teach it to empower other women to have a positive birth experience, for any kind of birth achieevd!

You will learn simple yet powerful techniques that ensure that you are able to remain emotionally and physically relaxed during labour enabling your body to work at its best.

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme 


Whilst The Wise Hippo may use hypnosis as part of its suite of tools and techniques, it doesn’t mean that it has the same view on birth as other traditional hypnobirthing courses. 

Because what we want for you is to have THE RIGHT BIRTH ON THE DAY which remains to be our motto and what we

really believe in.

Focussing on having THE RIGHT BIRTH ON THE DAY,

my 4 week programme provides you with the opportunity to create a positive mindset about birth, whilst building up your ability to make sure that everything that happens on the day (and beforehand if necessary) is what you believe is the right course of action for you to take..

You might wonder why this approach is so important...It is because it is only realistic to understand that life throws us curved balls sometimes and we may not get the birth

we initially hoped for.

If a curve ball turn up ,you can use the tools and techniques you’ve learnt to remain emotionally in control. You can make sure that you ask all of the right questions of your medical caregivers, so that you fully understand all of the decisions that you make, which means that you will be able to look back on our baby’s birth no matter how it turns out on the day and know it was right for you and your baby.