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Helping you unleash the birth warrior within you!

'Belly Baby Mom' is the home of Shereen Zarroug, a mother of 3 children, who has trained and certified in the field of Birth Support, offering services to women and couples in the UAE and worldwide!

"My primary mission is to inform, inspire and empower women / couples, in all walks of life; from pregnancy & birth to early parenthood, and to offer education that is accessible and affordable to ALL!  As a birth & parenting

professional, I share the deep passion to support families as a whole, whilst offering support services that will undoubtedly enhance their parenting journey."

I'm here to guide you to find your inner wisdom.


Personalized Support For Expectant & New Mothers and Couples


What mamas are saying about working with Shereen

Andrea pic and me.jpg

"Thank you so so much Shereen! You have captured our pictures, trained us and supported us through the most amazing and special moment of our lives. I'm so grateful and really appreciate YOU and everything you did to make Luciana's birth so special. WE were so blessed to have met you, and to have you be such an important part of team Kelly! Lots of love from all of us. Please know that you are so special and that you make a big

difference in peoples' lives."

- Andrea Jimenez

camille baby.jpg

"We had hypnobirthing sessions with Shereen and it was a very good experience. We were happy to have someone like her accompany us in this journey and we couldn’t have stuck to our project of a natural birth without her knowledge! It allowed us to remain calm and relaxed during the 48 hours

of labour with our baby.

Thank you Shereen!"

- Camille Levesque

"It was because of Shereen's hypnobirthing techniques that I felt prepared and ready to welcome my son into the world. With Shereen by my side as my doula, she helped take what I had learned from the hypnobirthing classes and rein in my focus and ensure the baby came out with open arms to the most prepared mom I could have been. I will forever be thankful for her presence at my birth and in my life. It’s been such an amazing time with her and I wouldn’t have traded meeting her for anything in the world."

- Farah Abdallah


"When I first found you on Instagram, I loved your passion and everything you do for pregnant women. I decided to enrol in your Hypnobirthing classes and I'm so glad I did. In my previous birth I was threatened for induction and treated disrespectfully, and even though I ended in a c-section this time, I used the tools you taught us and I feel confident and empowered in my decision. I truly believe my experience was positive especially that I had the best and most supportive birth team - something you told us is so important. Thank you so much, you are a big blessing to our family! 

- Johanna Shcmidt

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