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DONA Birth Doula Training Workshop, Dubai

 February 3* - 4 - 5 - 6, 2023  |  09.30 - 18.30



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 I’m a Birth Doula from Jordan. I have trained with DONA in Dubai and I would recommend this training for women who are interested in becoming Doulas. 

Personally, I found the highlight of the training was meeting like minded women who are all on the same journey to become birth workers. It was really helpful to network and share our experiences as we started working as Doulas. 

The training itself was very useful in terms of learning about the stages of labor and some coping mechanisms.. Also, our trainer was very experienced and shared some of her personal stories which was really great and insightful. 

Becoming a Birth Doula has been a life changing experience for me and I would highly recommend getting trained by DONA International."

- Zein Quandour

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"I really enjoyed and learnt so much from the doula training I completed last year in Dubai, UAE. It was well organised and run by an experienced
facilitator from DONA International. Shereen was

there to facilitate the training and was on hand to answer any questions.
I have achieved something personal by becoming a doula, as it gives me so much joy with each baby’s miraculous birth and witnessing the strength of their wondrous mother. I absolutely love being at the service of women in our community here in the UAE.
A bonus to the training is gaining friendships and a community with fellow doulas who I trained with and have met after our training - this connection is invaluable. It is not just a career path but a love and passion that shines through. Once you are a doula, you know…there is nothing quite like it!"

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"The DONA Doula Training in 2021 was organized by Shereen, and it was a very interesting and interactive training where we got to know about the physiology of birth, the different stages of labor and how we can support the mother in labor as a Doula.
We also heard lots of shared experiences on supported birth stories and how a doula can support a pregnant mother emotionally, informational and physically. 
It was great to meet other doulas who are also in the same journey, and I'm still in touch with them, which is a helpful when we are all starting together in this field. Thank you Shereen!"

- Farida Parkar

- Nawel Habbida

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"The DONA Doula training has been life changing for me. It taught me the importance of knowing your options and having the confidence to advocate for yourself to make informed choices that are right for you, your body, and your baby.


Regardless if you’ve had your own children or not or have had no hands-on experience with birth, this training will teach you about what happens physiologically during labour/birth and the best ways you can support a woman and her family.


Shereen is deeply informed and connected within the birthing community in Dubai and completing the training with her will leave you with a clear, community centered foundation. This will help you in building your own personal Birth Doula practice upon. I highly recommend taking the workshop and being part of the ever growing community."

- Lara Kashashni

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"I had my Doula calling after the birth of my second child at home in Barcelona, with an

awesome team of Doula-trained midwives. That was the first time I leaned about DONA and

discovered that it was internationally renowned and one of THE reference points in this

profession. I had just had my third child (3-month old at the time), but nothing was going to stop me from attending the Dubai DONA training. Not only was the training up to the standards, it was also a personable and touchingly intimate experience. DONA was very supportive in me bringing my baby with me to the workshop. Imagine a room full of women whose main objective is empowering mothers-to-be during their ‘becoming a mom’ experience. That alone created an ambiance that was empathetic as it was energetic and positive. 

The good prep work that DONA put into the workshop made for a well-structured training schedule and perfect locations. From the inspired scenarios to the hands-on practice situations that mimicked real birth events not only made imparting that knowledge seamless,

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but also provided a fun

environment that helped in forging bonds of camaraderie between us. I personally made what I hope to be life-long friendships that I cherish everyday. I never thought that I would laugh, cry

and connect at a very real human level, all at the same time. I still think of all the stories that I

heard from the other Doulas. Some put a smile on my face, some, tears of empathy and


I cannot wait for you Doulas who are about to attend this event to start. You will definitely come

out with new knowledge that will set you on your path, but more importantly, you will gain even

more respect (if that is possible) to both this awesome profession, and to the strength inherent

in all moms-to-be. Don’t forget though that your journey has just started, and a lot of your

success relies on your commitment and willingness to continuously learn and research."

- Delphine Dumur

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I'm SUPER excited to be hosting and co-training the next DONA Birth Doula training and certification workshop in Dubai! This will be the 4th DONA training I organize in Dubai, in collaboration with a certified DONA Doula trainer, and I cannot wait to be of support to all the aspiring and passionate doulas-to-be out there, who found their calling to support expectant families throughout their journeys! 

If you would like to train to become a certified doula, with the world's most recognized Doula training organization, are passionate about pregnancy and birth, and would love to support expectant & new families, please fill out the brief form below to receive all details to enrol. 

(please scroll below for some fun pics & videos from previous DONA Doula training workshops in Dubai as well as info on the workshop trainers)

Should you have any urgent questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on

Let's dou-la this! xxx

Lots of love,

Shereen Zarroug CD(DONA), LCCE

DONA Middle East Ambassador

Birth Doula & Transformational Birth Coach

Childbirth Educator and Hypnobirthing Specialist 

Breastfeeding Counselor 

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