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Embracing Motherhood 'MOVIE NIGHTS'!

As doulas & Childbirth Educators, we realize there needs to be more awareness in the UAE within parents, parents to be & Birth professionals on evidence based information and holistic Childbirth support practices, so that parents can have better birth outcomes and positive birth experiences. As an integral part of our awareness campaign, these FREE to attend Movie Night events aim to bring together parents to be & parents in a casual networking space, where we can all learn from one another and hopefully be able to enhance the Birth culture in the UAE.

February 9th | 5pm - 9pm (FREE EVENT)

American Hospital Dubai

Exclusive 'birth' Film Screening

'Le Premier Cri' (The First Cry), 2007 - A rare and beautiful documentary showcasing births from around the different cultures and regions of the world. A must see."


* Mom & Baby pop up stalls

* Meet the Doulas from ‘Belly Baby Mom’ !

* Expert talks from experienced

  Obstetricians and Midwives

* Complimentary Food & Beverages

* Goodie Bags!

* Raffle draws!

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Meet The Doulas

Come and meet with our team to learn all about the doula role, how a doula can support you during your journey of motherhood, a brief Q & A, 1-1 chats with each doula and also meet other expectant mamas and papas over some drinks and nibbles!

We are a passionate team of international certified and licensed Doulas and our mission is to support women during pregnancy, labor, birth and the early postpartum period! We will do our best to guide you with our knowledge and professional skills making YOU the real protagonist of your mothering journey.

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Positive Birth Pregnancy Circle

Circles are cosy and safe monthly gatherings where the participants are pregnant moms and include one or two facilitators to guide the conversation: there is no judgment and everybody is equal to one another, in every way.

It is a gathering in the form of actually sitting in a circle and following general guidelines that facilitate authentic conversation. The circle form is nonhierarchical: everyone’s input holds equal importance, judgement hold no space, and the focus is to listen, to support and learn from every participant. Everything said in a circle, stays in the circle.

Join one of our Pregnancy Circles where you will find many other women in the same situation as yours... ready to support you

on your journey. 

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Mom & Baby Circle

So you’ve brought home your beautiful new bundle of joy, and are muddling through learning how to live together as a family. For some of us new moms, though, we’ll never have felt so lonely!

We’re home all day with a tiny baby who, although beautiful and amazing, isn’t much of a conversationalist. Many women expect the actual giving birth to be the hardest part but, in fact, those first few weeks are often much more difficult. We’re dealing with hormonal changes, physical changes, stress, sleep deprivation… Many challenging aspects. Please, don’t isolate yourself at such a crucial time.

Join one of our Mom And Baby Circles where you’ll find many other women in the same situation, ready to support you on your journey.


Mom And Baby Circles are held once a month in the morning, and each Circle has a WhatsApp group created so you know there’ll always be someone around to connect with, no matter what time of day or night. Those who attend the Circles know there’s no judgement, no criticism involved; just love, support and care. You and your fellow Circle participants are all on the same level, all on the same journey, all in the same boat.

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