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Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding sessions

Our 3 hour 'Happy Breastfeeding Workshop' will equip you with all the knowledge you need to help you achieve a positive and

happy breastfeeding experience.

We will demystify the breastfeeding process and set you on the right course for success by providing you with information

on what to expect. We believe it is important to receive all this information before the arrival of your baby, so that you have a good idea of your next steps in the case of any challenges

you come across. This workshop is open to all expectant mothers

and their partners, whether they are committed

to breastfeeding or not but would like to learn more about it. 

What topics are usually covered?

  • Breast anatomy 

  • How to take care of your breast

  • How breast milk is produced

  • What happens during Breastfeeding? 

  • The importance of a good deep latch

  • The golden hour

  • The 3 keys for a successful Breastfeeding journey

  • Latching positions

  • Possible discomforts and how to solve them | How to support your baby

  • How much milk does my baby needs?

  • Is my baby eating enough?

  • Diary of a feeding baby

  • How to express your milk?

  • How to store and warm your milk

  • Galactagogue herbs and foods


Our Happy Breastfeeding Workshop is designed to give you lots of useful and practical information in preparation for baby's arrival.


We strongly believe in the  importance of prenatal breastfeeding education and our goal is to be able to offer this workshop

to every birthing couple during pregnancy, in the most

convenient and cost-effective way


Price: AED400 per person

*Husbands can attend free of charge!*

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