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Mother and Newborn
Mother and a Child


"I really can’t recommend Belly Baby Mom enough. Eleanora (Ele) was my doula for my June 2018 birth, I had such an incredibly empowering natural birth experience and I can’t imagine going through it without her and her beautiful energy. She was supportive, knowledgeable, loving and knew exactly what to say and when to say it.

I also attended one of the pregnancy circles held by Ele and Shereen and I loved every minute of being part of such an intimate group of amazing woman. They even dedicated a small part of the ceremony to help welcome my baby to the world as I was overdue.

Thank you thank you thank you for everything!"

Family Time


"I realized my dream of having a VBAC2!

Can’t thank you ladies enough for your love, support and care ❤️ It was an amazing, crazy, scary experience and it was all worth it as I got my little bundle to enter the world the way I wanted!" Thanks Ellis for being my doula!" - Vanita


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Mother and Newborn


"I really can't thank enough to Eleonora for her positive birth antenatal workshop. I have got a lot of information and answers for all my questions. I definitely recommend this workshop. It was very comfortable atmosphere, supportive and such a needful information.

Her words reassured me that I can have my vbac. She just told me I believe you can do! So did I! I had my vbac! Thank you Eleonora! Hope to visit soon your other workshops "

Mother and a Child


Family Time


"My husband and I took the hypnobirthing classes with Shereen this past month and found them to be really helpful in helping us feel positive and confident about the upcoming birth of our baby. I liked the way each class was organized, and the various practical techniques we learned, along with the relaxation mp3s we practised (and then had access to at home).

I would definitely recommend the program to my expecting friends!" - Sandy

"I attended a breastfeeding workshop with BellyBabyMom and found it really helpful. The session was a small group, informal but structured, with the ability to ask lots of questions. I came away feeling much calmer about breastfeeding and having learnt lots of tips and tricks to help me. I can’t recommend it highly enough for new mums." - Kate 


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Mother and Newborn


"I just left the "Positive Pregnancy Circle" meet up and I am currently on a high. It was such an amazing experience, filled with love, sharing real stories and compassion. A genuine togetherness that I really couldn't believe I would be a part of in the "fast-paced/ no relationship" reality of Dubai.

As a first time mom and a person far away from her friends and family this experience just helped me so much. I recommend it to everyone honestly, I left feeling so happy, so empowered and most importantly I left with a sense of belonging. (Imagine 3 hours and I left with all this awesomeness.)

Thank you Shereen and Eleonora for creating this space and I hope you know how wonderful you just made Dubai for me. 

Also for all the girls I met, I am so glad to have met you and cant wait for coffee (more like lots of food) soon." - Bibi



Mother and a Child


"The Movie Nights are great! A very casual, enjoyable atmosphere, educational movies, best guest speakers! I have attended the event with my husband, because I wanted to be able to share more with him and it was easier to convince him to go for a movie, rather than reading a book :)).

We had a very pleasant evening!

Thank you very much BBM team for your genuine care and dedication to all moms and dads!" - Iulia Paun

Family Time


"My husband and I completed the hypnobirthing workshop with Shereen. It was amazing!! A fantastic experience to learn how to best prepare for a natural labor and delivery. It was also a great opportunity to bond with my husband as we neared the end of our pregnancy.
I used the strategies throughout my labour and delivery and I am proud to say that I was able to achieve a natural birth. 
My husband would have liked some more strategies to prepare himself better for the different stages of my labour as he felt somewhat overwhelmed and scared towards the end.

Following birth, we appointed Ele as our postpartum Doula. She was amazing!!! So helpful, empowering, professional, friendly and supportive. Ele provided really practical assistance to support my husband and I - as it is our first baby! Having her presence in the house provided us with the confidence to best support our new gorgeous baby boy.

I 100% recommend both services, whether you’re a soon-to-be new mum or second/third time mummy.

Thanks Shereen and Ele for everything!
Toni, myself and our beautiful baby Rio are very grateful for all your help!" - Libby & Tony

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