Shereen Zarroug

- Birth Story -

"When I got pregnant with my daughter in 2007, it was the best news for our family. I didn't give much thought to the actual birth, as I believed it was a normal and natural event and everything was going to be fine. Things didn't go quietly as planned, as I was not well informed in the choices I could make, lacked the confidence to have my voice heard, did not have a proper support system in place and have never even heard of Hypnobirthing! After being induced and then getting an epidural, I ended up with an 'unnecessary' caesarean section and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. My experience, however, also led me to question the medical system we had in place and what I could have done differently. 

Fast forward to 2014, I discovered I was expecting our 3rd child. At first, I was in denial and shock, just because all the buried emotions came running back and my mind started to quickly wander as to 'how' I was going to have this baby when no OB is going to support me especially after TWO caesarians! Did A LOT of research and came to realize it was very possible to still achieve my dream. 


Finding the right OB was no easy task. I was backed by so much evidence based information and statistics, that I had no problem whatsoever doing a 'Hi & Bye' to 4 OB's that told me I was out of my mind to even want to attempt a VBA2C, as it was too risky. I finally found my 'guardian angel' OB, who welcomed my suggestion with open arms and took me under her wing. During my pregnancy, I think I must have done everything there was to do to help me prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for a successful natural birth. The list included maintaining a healthy diet, swimming, yoga and pilates, Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, purchasing a birth ball, hiring a doula, taking a Hypnobirthing course, and much more! I was now ready to have my VBA2C!  


The day finally came, and I was in labour. The overwhelming feeling of excitement was more than I could handle. I was finally going to meet my baby boy! After 12 hours of laboring at home, and doing everything to keep me comfortable, I decided it was finally time to go to the hospital. I agreed to getting an internal examination, and was told I was 3cms dilated. Not bad I thought. I continued to labour there for another 15 hours when I finally reached the pushing stage. By that time, my excitement slowly started to wear off as we all realized how long everything was taking. Unfortunately, we found out that my baby was not in optimal position and ended up getting stuck in the birth canal, even though I had tried many different positions to get him moving. 


After a total of 36 hours of labour, it was agreed that the best option was to go for a caesarean section.

My VBA2C attempt did not flourish, but I knew it was the right thing to do for me and my family, I was happy to have tried everything in my power, and was thankful that I had my doula and hypnobirthing to support me. I was left with a very positive birth experience and to this day, do not regret the decision that I had taken and I now have a beautiful baby boy that makes it all the worth while! 


My hopes is that every expectant mom who reads my story, be inspired by it leading her to empower herself to make the right decisions for her and her family."

- Shereen



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