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Mother's Blessing Ceremony

The Mother's Blessing is a special gathering for celebrating the transition from Woman to Mother. The blessing ceremony aims to encourage the mum-to-be, empower her and create the support network she will need in the first few days and weeks after birth. It’s very much a festive celebration, too! We also like to think of it as a unique & different version to today's baby showers!

It is a rite of passage that has been passed down from generation to generation of women in many ancient civilizations.

The Mother's blessing is usually arranged for the mom by her closest friends and feminine relatives. 

At a Mother's Blessing, the mom-to-be is very much the centre of the attention and the participants will pamper and entertain her with various holistic activities and rituals.


The best time to have a Womb and Birth Blessing is around the 

36th week of pregnancy, although of course this can be

adapted to suit the mum-to-be.

Contact us for details and bookings!

Rebozo Session

The Rebozo is an invaluable tool used by women for women; women in pregnancy, women in labour & women in the postpartum period.

Rebozo is a long, flat cloth used by women in Mexico. When used during pregnancy, the Rebozo helps the woman to release the tensions, deeply listen to herself and connect with her baby in a very special and unique way. 

When used in labour, it’s a tool for support, allowing for rhythmic movements and better positioning of the baby with the aim of easing pain and discomfort.


During Rebozo sessions, when we embrace, we experience such a deep connection our very souls are relaxed. Tensions slip away, stress melts and we experience absolute trust.

Belly Casting

What better keepsake of your pregnancy in Dubai than a cast of your belly, home to your beautiful baby for nine months? 

Your belly casting is the perfect memory of you and your baby as one. Every belly casting is made in Dubai and you can choose to have it natural (to keep it white or personalize it by yourself) or to order you Artistic Belly Casting deciding how you would like your belly cast to turn into a unique art piece.


The session lasts approximately from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the complexity of the belly casting and the mother is requested to wear something comfortable and be ready to have fun!

After the casting session, the belly cast will be polishes and refinished and will be ready for pick up after approximately

ten days.


Once the belly casts are ready for collection, you can use them as home decorations, great props for postnatal photo shoot sessions or unique painting hanged on the wall!

Holistic Services


Moroccan Closing Of The Bones 

The Closing Of The bones ceremony that we offer in Dubai is a spiritual ritual to welcome you to motherhood closing the phase of passage that is the birth. It is a ritual found in many different cultures around the World.
The 'Moroccan traditional Closing of the bones', can be received from the first week after birth and it's aim is to support the physiological closure of the bones that happens to the body after giving birth. It is recommended to have multiple sessions to get the most benefits.

It lasts approximately one hour and a half and includes moments for sharing the birthing experience, the ritual of being "Closed" and a pampering ritual to feel taken cared of.

Each session can be arranged at our cozy space or at the client’s home.

Mexican Serrada with  our touch

Eleonora learnt the Mexican Serrada ritual from a traditional Mexican Midwife and received her blessing to spread this practice around the World. The Rebozo we use to tighten the mother's bones is authentic and hand woven by traditional Mexican women and we are proud to support them.

Eleonora's touch to this ritual combines a full body bioenergetic massage to release, on a deeper level, bodily stresses from the postnatal period.

This special and unique closing practice can be received about 40 days after birth and applies to women who have had either vaginal or belly births.

Each session can be arranged at our cozy space or at the client’s home.​​



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