Ellis Nicholls

- My Story -

" I’m Ellis, a trained and certified Birth and Postnatal Doula with recognised and internationally renowned, Nurturing Birth UK.


Born and raised in the UK, I relocated from London to Dubai in 2014 to continue climbing the career ladder. After having successfully built a strong 8-year relationship with the PR & Communications industry, it became clear to me that my potential and passion was outgrowing that of luxury fashion and hospitality brands.


Since a very young age I have been in awe and captivated by the way in which not only the body but mind changes and adapts throughout pregnancy to bring beautiful new life.


With no two birth experiences being the same yet always baring the shared goals of a healthy and positive birth, I aim to encourage, empower and enrich the birthing experience by providing genuine support and care to both mothers and partners during a life changing period.


I believe that there is no right or wrong way to give birth but that each individual woman should be given the opportunity to make their own choices whilst being empowered and supported by those around them for doing so.


Pregnancy, birth and the journey of a new life are incredibly precious moments that deserve to be enjoyed and savoured by each

and every parent."


- Ellis


Tel: +971 55 9639633 | love@bellybabymom.com

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