Lydia Bernard

- My Story -

I´m Lydia, a qualified pediatric nurse and a breastfeeding & lactation consultant (IBCLC).

Growing up with one younger brother, I remember him being the “patient” and me being the “doctor” ever since I was five years old. Later on, I decided to become a pediatric nurse and found my passion in working in aNeonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Caring for the most vulnerable and fragile babies is more than just taking care of a baby. It is my believe that the family needs to be seen as a whole, involving all its members. Over time, I realized that it needs so much more than medical support for everyone to grow and succeed in this situation: It needs an ear, which always listens, it needs a shoulder to cry on and it needs a heart to cherish even the smallest achievements. As a qualified IBCLC, I like to support the mums in specific, to address their concerns, worries and uncertainties as well as medical needs during breastfeeding.

Everyone deserves the right to be seen as an individual and to receive the best education and support to take informed decisions.

Pregnancy and parenthood is an adventure by itself and it becomes even more of a challenge, living far away from close family and friends – I want to be there, to empower and support in this most precious time.


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