Camila Diforena

- My Birth Story -

My son was born in 2014 and, due to an escalade of interventions, it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, I learned first-hand how institutionalized and medicated birth can be. I ended up with an emergency C-section and only saw my baby hours after he was born. Missing the opportunity to see him being born, cuddling him and having him on my chest made it a very traumatic experience.

Fast-forward 2018 and I decided to get as much help as possible. I sought education regarding having a VBAC and the possibility of having it in the UAE. The doctor of my choice left the country when I was 4months pregnant. It was a blessing in disguise, as I had to really take charge of this experience and trust myself. Hypnobirthing was a great tool; Childbirth education classes were fundamental and hiring a doula made it all possible. I still remember my husband’s face when we went for our childbirth courses and he

realized how many unnecessary procedures we went through with our first baby. On that moment I knew we were a powerful team and, along with our doula, could have the birth we dreamed of. I had a very gentle labor, for about one week I had mild contractions, not more painful than mild period contractions. I kept moving, exercising and preparing myself for this wonderful event. I will always

cherish this week, as it was a beautiful preparation for the big day. I woke up Friday morning, read a story to my son and felt the urge to move and exercise. I tried some yoga poses at home and had the urge to walk at the beach. I spent the whole day at the beach with my

family, walked, ate lunch normally. On that evening my contractions became closer, but not more painful. I decided to time them and rest in between them. My doula and doctor were always informed. Around 3AM I realized it was really happening. I woke my husband up, we decided to head to the hospital and already knew we would question interventions, if any. I entered the hospital at 5:30. Refused the initial check from the midwife. I breathed through my waves and was looked after by my doula and my husband. The hospital room had dimmed lights, hypnobirthing music and all the wonderful comfort measures made this moment truly special. At 7:32 my baby was in my arms. She was fast asleep, cried a very calm cry (I guess just to please the doctor), crawled into my chest and stayed like that for over two hours. It was just like a dream. Bringing her into this world the way it happened made me realize other women also deserve it. To birth their babies themselves in a protected and cozy environment. It is my mission to pass it on and support other mothers (and couples) to experience the same.


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