Houyem Mahfoudi

- My Birth Story -

"Before getting pregnant with my daughter in 2014, I’ve had already done some research on pregnancy and birth as I’ve always been amazed by this sacred time in a woman’s life.

I was living in Canada when I got pregnant. I knew my options and chose to go with a midwife-led care birthing center. Although I had some fears and doubts, throughout the pregnancy I connected with my body and learned to trust it. I researched ways to handle pain, made sure I had the right support and made peace with the fact that birth is unpredictable.


After long hours of early labour, I reached the birth center at 3am and immediately went into the huge tub where I relaxed in the warm water. The cozy room was just lit with candles and I could smell my favorite essential oil. But after hours of active labor and trying every position I started doubting myself and couldn’t envision the natural birth I wanted anymore. The emotional support I received from my husband and my midwife gave me the strength to trust my body and my baby again. After pushing in different positions, I reached down and caught my baby in my my arms at 10.30pm. It was the most amazing feeling.  I felt strong, confident and so connected to my baby who crawled to my breast to feed. 


Since then, I feel that women need to gain confidence in their bodies and believe that wherever and however we choose to give birth, it can be empowering and beautiful if we know our options and surround ourselves with a caring and supportive team."


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