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Positive Birth Antenatal Workshop

About the Workshop

Our 3 hour 'Positive Birth Antenatal Workshop' is an engaging antenatal session that takes expectant couples through several topics within pregnancy and childbirth, such as how to maintain a healthy pregnancy, what to expect during labor, stages & signs

of labour and birth, pain management options and much more.


The workshop is designed to be interactive, open to discussions and answering questions from attendees. Husbands are encouraged to join too!

What topics are included?

  • What "Positive Birth" means 

  • The Importance of informed decisions

  • Labor and birth as we know it 

  • "Standard" vs "Physiological" labour & birth

  • Medical Interventions

  • The holistic approach to labor and birth

  • Comfort measures 

  • Position & Breathing Techniques

  • Dads and Partners 

  • Support, Respect and Trust

  • Prepare for your Positive Birth


Our Positive Birth Antenatal Workshop is designed to give you lots of useful and practical information in preparation for your big day.


We strongly believe in the  importance of prenatal education and our goal is to be able to offer this workshop to every birthing couple in the most convenient and cost-effective way.

Price: AED400 per person

*Husbands can attend free of charge!*

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